Vision Therapist - Ozark, MO

Vision Therapist

Vision Clinic
Ozark, MO

You’re the type of person that knows exactly who you are and how you want to treat others. You know what guides you and all your actions have a purpose.

You’re kind, caring to the core, and full of energy.

But finding a career to match your heart can be a struggle.

Your unique strengths are rarely appreciated and utilized. No one likes to feel wasted, and especially not you. Every person deserves to operate in their strengths instead of areas of inadequacy.

We understand and have the perfect opportunity for you.

We’re searching for a Vision Therapist for our Ozark office.

What’s a Vision Therapist?

On a functional level, you’ll work under doctor direction to help patients improve their vision through testing and therapy activities. You would help schedule appointments, manage patient charts, and other routine needs.

But on a deeper level, we will engage what makes you tick. You’ll get to use your caring heart to help a wide range of vision needs. We serve adults and those with special needs, but most of our patients are children, so you’ll get to help them relax and have a fun doctor’s visit.

The requirements:

This is a full-time position. A High School diploma or equivalent is required. We’re looking for someone with experience working with children. A background in child development is great and experience in the autism spectrum is even better.  However, we will train the right person!

Your next steps:

Send us your resume and a cover letter about how you’re the perfect person for this role.

We’ll schedule an interview. Remember: you’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you. We’re looking for someone that wants to invest in their training and grow their career.

If you’re the right fit, join us on this journey to help our patients see better and live a more fulfilled life.

If you are the perfect fit, send your resume to with #PurposeInSight in the subject line. Don’t let your next career step be just a place to keep you busy and collect a paycheck. If you’re ready to engage what makes you truly unique and follow your purpose, we want to talk to you.