Ellen is talking about it. NBC News is talking about it. Fox Business is talking about it.

We’re carrying a new line of frames! In fact, we’re among the first providers in Southwest Missouri carrying these new frames.

The brand is called 2BB (2 Blind Brothers) and the origin story is one of the neatest you’ll hear this week.

Ellen is talking about it… NBC News is talking about it… Everybody is talking about it.

  • On top of having an awesome story, they’ve crafted some seriously solid frames.
  • Each pair are enhanced with braille on the temple tips, spelling out “BROTHERS”
  • Easy-wearing, everyday shapes
  • Sleek acetate frames
  • Memory metal across all silhouettes

Resilience. Innovation. Brotherhood.

Founded by Bradford and Bryan Manning, both living with Stargardt’s disease, 2BB emerged from their personal journey with vision loss. Despite losing their sight, they channeled their shared experience into a mission: to make an impact in the vision space.

Sales proceeds from 2BB go directly into funding research efforts at the Foundation Fighting Blindness—$1.7 Million donated so far.

“We’re well aware that glasses don’t cure blindness. But these just might.” 

It’s a real look good / feel good.

And we’re so pumped to see how great they look on you. Click here to schedule an appointment to get your prescription rechecked and updated.