Unlock Your Full Vision

Vision therapy isn't just a treatment; it's a transformative journey for the eyes and brain. Glasses, contacts, and surgery are helpful, but Vision therapy can solve problems that those cannot.

  • Depth-perception issues
  • Amping up your sports vision game
  • Resolving lazy or crossed eyes
  • Vision-sensory impairments
  • Bouncing back from vision issues due to brain injuries or strokes
  • Resolving double vision and eye-tracking dilemmas
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How We Structure
Your Vision Therapy Plan

Your eye care providers will prescribe a blend of in-clinic sessions complemented by home-based assignments.

Treatment sessions are typically 30-45-minute sessions, either once or twice a week.


Helping Your Child With
Vision Therapy

Does your child complain about visual fatigue? A comprehensive eye check is a crucial first step. If their learning obstacle is vision-rooted, vision therapy could be a part of the treatment plan.

Indicators that your child might be facing vision-induced learning challenges:

  • Not wanting to read or examine their schoolwork closely
  • Complaints of headaches or their eyes hurting¬†
  • Lack of attention span during tasks requiring visual attention
  • Struggles with retaining visual information or words
  • Adopting habits like squinting, head-tilting, or eye-closing during visual activities
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